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And here we are ladies and gentlemen :)

I would like to thank all the dancers for their time. These girls worked hard. It was cold, but it was worth it! This video is dedicated to Valentine’s week. Whether you have one or not, always know someone out there loves you :) So please enjoy this and SHARE SHARE SHARE! ♥

Special thank you to my cousin Marco Hinahon! :)

Thank you so much girls for making my video so amazing!!!

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Who is.


I know my worth. I should know better than this. I should have known what I was getting myself into.


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You know when youre willing to do so much for someone… (and no not because you want to please them. Not because you want to awe them. But just because seeing them happy simply makes you happy.) and you end up getting hurt because all they do is…

all of what is happening right now…


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